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Shackcom is a household & furnishings brand operating around the globe. We specialize in small household & furnishings. We pride ourselves on understanding what consumers need and how to fulfill their demand. Since 2012, Shackcom has enjoyed years of continuous growth thanks to millions of satisfied customers around the world.
We warmly welcome you to join the Shackcom Affiliate Program. We offer commission rates at 15%-28% within 60 days. To help you, we will provide exclusive coupons, banners, popular deals, the latest datafeed, and more. We will be updating all regularly to help you achieve optimal results.
Our Affiliate Program works like most others: once customers make a purchase using your affiliate link, you get paid. Are you ready to team up with Shackcom and power your channels?

Top-Earning Affiliate Ranking for Last Month

1 p*****m $2569.2

2 p*****m $6981.65

3 p*****m $7521.75

4 p*****m $9105.41

Naike is the webmaster of a household supplies website. He attracts a lot of traffic by making Home Supplies videos, recommending product worth buying and updating the latest news from the Household items industry. Naike developed this website out of an interest in website, but now he also makes profit from it as a Shackcom Affiliate

Kate owns an online store. Almost every type of gadget can be found on it, which has attracted a lot of customers. Kate constantly recommends Shackcom products to its users and attaches product links. Users click the product links and buy from the Shackcom Online Store. This earns May commission

Though Alfred doesn’t own a website, he is a huge fan of Shackcom products. he writes posts introducing Shackcom products and adds product links, then posts them on Facebook, Twitter, online Marimekko forums and home forums. Alfred’s posts attract many viewers, and he even earns money without a personal website

How to Jion Shackcom Affiliate Program

Step 1. Sign up as an affiliate or a publisher
Step 2. Apply to join us and wait for approval
Step 3. Get the affiliate links to promote for us and watch the commissions roll in


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Why Choose Shackcom

Up to 15%-28%tiered commission&
Commission Incentive plans with abundant bonus for further Cooperation

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